Houdini Recordings is a studio run by Producer/Engineer/Musician Paul Edwards.

It's seen many incarnations over the past 14 years: it began in the bowels of Montreal, in the boroughs of St Henri & NDG. The studio then spent a two-year stint in the infamous RCA/Victor building before moving to its current location on the west side of Montreal Island. During these initial years of engineering, Paul also undertook some book learnin' at Concordia University. Following his Undergrad Degree in Science and Human Affairs, he took 1 year of ElectroAcoustics then 4 years Advanced Sound Engineering and 2 years Audio Mastering. He's also attended Berklee University (Audio Mastering & Video Game Audio) in order to further expand his knowledge of the recording arts.

In 2007 Paul began working for Korg (division of JAM Industries: Canada's largest distributor of Musical Equipment) where he spent a few years learning the ins & outs of hundreds of hardware and software products as thier Product Specialist. During that time, he eagerly packed his studio with gear from the various companies in the building (Korg, Vox, Markbass, Focusrite, KRK, Presonus, Audio-Technica, etc). Every penny he made, literally, went into buying gear, thanks to the help and generosity of the various product managers and their respective employees. Much respect to those awesome folk!

In February of 2014 Paul accepted a position with LANDR, a Montreal based software company. As Lead Audio Engineer he is working as part of the LANDR team refining their state of the art Artificial Intelligence system that analyses audio in real-time to perform the fundamentals of Mix and Master Engineering. On March 27th, 2014 LANDR launched the beta version on their Online Mastering Service. Try it for yourself, for free! www.LANDR.com

Houdini Recordings began [and continues to operate] as a mobile recording unit, which many will remember as Houdini Mobile Recording (HMR). However, Paul now focuses the bulk of his time at his custom acoustically designed studio in Montreal. His work includes producingengineeringmixingpost-production (audio & dialog restoration for film/documentary)audio mastering, composition for film & multi-media and engineering instruction.

Paul works comfortably in a variety of musical styles for clients across North America. Thanks to wonders of the Interweb, Houdini Recordings is setup for file sharing where clients can securely send him projects in minutes and which are then returned to the client after completion.

As a musician, Paul has been performing and writing in various bands for more than 20 years and brings his extensive stage and studio experience to all his clients' projects. His main instruments are vocals and guitar, but you'll often find him picking up the bass, jumping on the piano/organ/synths, or even playing percussion and making beats. Bands he's been in include: Paul Edwards, Shot While Hunting, The Pines, Sonny Best Band, Lesley Lane (Patrick Krief), Hindsight, Wake.

When producing music, Paul often works with his peers or by their recommendations, as he feels creating and capturing music is best left to someone who has a personal interest in the project. However, please don't be shy to get in touch and discuss your project with him: big or small. He's very easy going and always good for a laugh. His philosophy is to be collaborative in the studio and have a great time making music with creative people.

To quote Nietzsche "Without Music, Life would be a mistake." 

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Paul's blog on Hearing Protection
Engineering In Studio & Live Venue F.O.H (Front of House)
Studio: singer/songwriters, full bands, drum sessions, overdubs, re-amping, etc.
  Live: Capture live performances (multi-track): Clubs, Show-Bars, Houses of Worship, Rehearsal halls, Outdoor concerts, etc.
Mixing Projects big or small.
Production Collaborative analysis and refinement of Your songs. Conception to Completion.
The final step in the audio process. Fixing flaws in Mixes and taking them to another level.
MFiT Certified.
Audio Restoration Repairing flawed recordings, removing background noise from film dialogue, interviews, etc. 
Audio Post-Production Film, Commercials, Internet (YouTube, etc) and Multi-Media projects.
Digital Transfers Vinyl, Cassette, DAT, 1/4" Analog Tape, CD, MP3 encoding (iTunes, Portable Devices, Internet)
Creating songs from scratch tailored specifically for your Film, Commercials, Internet (YouTube, etc) and Multi-Media projects.
Pod Casting Pod Cast production and publishing.
DVD Authoring  

*** Preferred Pricing available for Independent Artists.
You no longer have to pay big studio prices to get amazing recordings from an experienced professional. 

*** Oui je suis Bilingue.