Audio Restoration is the process of removing imperfections from sound recordings (mixes) prior to Mastering.

In my Mastering workflow, it is very common to need to make things like digital clicks, pops, mouth-noises, sibilance, plosives, bad edits, and other unwanted artifacts disappear from the mix. I can also remove broadband noise, hiss, hum, wind, buzzing, overload distortion, vinyl crackle, and any number of undesirable background noises (coughs, sirens, beeps).  

With over 15 years of audio restoration experience and the world's top software at my disposal, including iZotope RX 10 Advanced, I can tell you that if I can't fix it, it's unfixable.

I have performed audio restoration on thousands of files over the years, including hundreds for Major labels (Disney, Warner, Atlantic) and many more audio industry leaders. 

Need something other than music restored? No problem. I also clean up documentary interviews and audio material for legal and/or investigative purposes where clarity and intelligibility are key. 

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