(The final step in the audio process)

  • Fixing flaws in Mixes and maximizing their sonic potential.
  • Ensuring your Audio is ready for Distribution whether CD, Vinyl, Online/Digital (Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, BandCamp,YouTube, ...).
  • Apple Digital Masters MFiT Certified (Mastered for iTunes approved Engineer) versions also available.
  • I mix projects big or small. Singles, EPs, Albums, Multi-Media, Live Comedy specials/albums.
  • Mix Feedback / Consulting is also available. 

Audio Restoration

(Often part of, but not exclusive to, Mastering projects)

  • Repairing flawed music recordings (click, pops, mouth noises, bad-edits, sibilance, plosives)
  • Removing background noise from film dialogue, interviews, fixing clicks, wind noise, hum, etc.
  • Worked on countless projects for Major Labels (Disney, Warner, Atlantic, ...). 
  • If I can't fix it, it can't be fixed.
          - - - - - o - - - - -


(Studio Recording / Tracking)

  • Studio Engineering (full days, half-days, extended projects):
  • Singer/Songwriters,
  • Full bands,
  • Drum sessions,
  • Overdubs, Re-Amping, Voice-Overs, etc.
  • Collaborative analysis and refinement of Your songs. I can help with your music from Conception to Completion.
*** Preferred Pricing available for Independent Artists.
You no longer have to pay big studio prices to get amazing recordings from an experienced professional. 
Contact me to discuss your project. 

*** Oui je suis Bilingue. Studio jibber jabber and jokes available in English or French.
Live Recording 
  • Capture live performances (multi-track):
  • Clubs, Show-Bars, Houses of Worship, Rehearsal halls, Outdoor concerts/festivals.
Live Sound
  • Live Venue audio engineering. Front of house mixing, monitor mixes, crew.
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Digital Transfers
  • Vinyl, Cassette, DAT, 1/4" Analog Tape, CD, MP3 encoding (iTunes, Portable Devices, Internet).
          - - - - - o - - - - -
Audio Post-Production
  • Film, Commercials, Internet (YouTube, etc) and Multi-Media projects.
  • Creating songs from scratch tailored specifically for your Film, Commercials, Internet (YouTube, etc) and Multi-Media projects.
          - - - - - o - - - - -
Podcast, AudioBooks, Comedy Albums
  • Podcast production and publishing.
  • AudioBooks recording and production.
  • Live Comedy Album (Editing, Mixing, Mastering).